At AW Rostamani we believe becoming an award-winning organization is not to elevates the company’s status within the industry or community only, but also it give recognition to our people and commitment to public

AW Rostamani is the first and only privately owned company in the UAE to be inducted into the Palladium Hall of Fame. This is but one of many international, regional and local awards won by the various companies under AW Rostamani.

We are never satisfied with our achievements, this is one of our principles when it comes to achievements. More than 300 Local and international awards are testament to the hard work and determination of every member of the AW Rostamani Group team including high corporate standards, Performance, Quality of our products and service staff.

2018 DSES (Dubai Service Excellence Scheme) AAC Nissan
2018 IBX Award – Shift Leasing
2017 RTA DAST Award – Shift Leasing
2017 Dubai Quality Gold Award
2016 Gulf Digital Experience Awards
2016 AAC Nissan Best Service Performance Brand
2016 Middle East Call Center Awards
2015 AAC Renault Best Service Performance
2015 AAC MRM Award
2015 Middle East Call Center Awards
2015 AAC Nissan WAPC Award
2014 Nissan World Aftersales Progress Club
2014 Shift Leasing Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award
2014 AAC DAST Award
2014 AAC Dubai Quality Award
2014 Middle East Call Center Awards
2014 AAC Nissan Global Award
2013 Shift Leasing DQAP
2013 Middle East Call Center Awards
2013 AAC Infiniti Global Performance Award
2013 AAC Palladium Hall of Fame
2013 AAC Renault Dealer of the Year
2012 AAC Renault Dealer of the Year
2011 AAC Renault Dealer of the Year
2011 Best Distributor Award
2010 Consultancy of the Year