Corporate Social Responsibility

As we have been always part of the UAE history and development, Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach allows us to take part in building a sustainable future, while ensuring the Group’s performance and continued stability

At AWR, CSR is embedded in the organizational culture, which is evident through a series of initiatives and public commitments that are upheld at all times. AWR is continuously committed to behave ethically and to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life and enriching of AWR employees, the local community, society whilst safeguarding the environment.

The CSR department at AWR is titled, ENRICHING COMMUNITIES, therefore AWR upholds the below CSR mission statement:

“At AWR we are committed to enriching communities by acting as global ambassadors of society and the environment, paving new ways for growth through sustainable initiatives and acting as devoted leaders in ethical operations that truly improve and develop the world around us.”

The company’s CSR framework is based on four main pillars in cognizance with international best practices and on legislation enforced within the UAE:

- Environment

- Community

- Stakeholders

- Workplace

“Our mission is to be an organization that takes the community, environment and society at large into consideration when it conducts its operations. We want to continuously innovate and re-engineer processes and activations that deliver value to the general public as well as to AWR employees. We aim to place all efforts in building a sustainable way of living, support the local and international communities and ultimately achieve sustainable goals for AWR and all stakeholders involved.”