Our Founder

Founder and Late Chairman, Abdul Wahid Rostamani enabled his company to mirror the growth of the UAE

Abdullah and Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani started what is known today as AW Rostamani Group through a small book store in Dubai, UAE, in 1954. Since then, he ventured into new markets and successfully grew his business into one of the regions most progressive and innovative business houses, led by a powerful team of over 4,000 professionals.

During his early career years, Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani served the Dubai Government for many years in the 1950's under the leadership of the late Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

Under Abdul Wahid leadership, AW Rostamani Group has enriched a diverse set of customers, allowing the company to compete on the market by offering unique lifestyle experiences instead of competing on size alone. Today, Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani’s powerhouse consists of a portfolio of 14 companies including leading multinational brands across seven diverse sectors: automotive, real estate and construction, retail, logistics, information technology, travel and consultancy.

All this being said, without high calibre people like Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani who bring a wealth of knowledge and business acumen to the market, the country would not be what it is today – thriving. He indeed managed to make history and proved to the world that – with the correct leadership – nothing is impossible. It is this approach that penetrated his business model since day one, always committed to delivering the best and adding real value to his customers and stakeholders alike.

“Alongside this growth and evolution, our priority will be to continue to enrich the people’s life experience in a measured way and not compete on size alone. We remain committed to the vision of firmly stamping the hallmark of quality on all our businesses and delivering added value to the nation and stakeholders reflecting the vision of our great country leadership vision and as we venture into new markets, we are confident about replicating the success we have enjoyed in the UAE, by leveraging the wealth of experience and knowledge of our people. A natural evolution for the group, the expansion will be considerable, further strengthening our position as a key player in the region.” Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani - Late Chairman, AW Rostamani Group.