AW Rostamani has a long, rich heritage started in 1954 and it has grown to become one of the largest, privately-owned businesses family corporate in the Middle East

The year was 1954. Oil was discovered in the Bab field in Abu Dhabi. In Dubai, HH Sheik Rashid bin Saeed al-Maktoum commissioned the dredging of the Dubai Creek, to ensure navigation and sustainability of harbour commerce and the Al Rostamani brothers set up a small family business.

2016 Enrich Club
2017 Dubai Quality Award
1954 Dubai's first bookstore
1957 General Trading
1968 Arabian Automobiles
1979 Building Industries
1981 Real Estate
1982 Nissan and Infiniti
1996 Dubai Shopping Festival
1998 Pre-Owned Quality Cars
1999 AW Rostamani Lumina
2004 Oracle
2005 Partnership with Renault
2006 Shift Technologies
2007 Brand Launch
2008 Shift Rental Car
2009 AW Rostamani Trading
2010 Saudi and Indian Markets
2011 ZNA cars Oman
2012 AW ROSTAMANI Lifestyle
2013 Guinness World Record
2014 Dubai Quality Award
2015 Award First Winner
Enrich Club